Our Skin2Skin Story

Our journey with Skin2Skin began with the arrival of our first baby. As soon as our little one emerged into the world, we embraced the profound moment of placing our baby on my chest for that initial skin-to-skin contact between mother and child. This simple act became the foundation for nurturing an intimate bond between us.

Our obstetrician emphasized the importance of this contact, explaining how it has a calming effect on the baby. Feeling the warmth, smelling the familiar scent, and hearing the reassuring heartbeat create an environment where the baby recognizes their mother as a source of safety and love.

Every day and night, we continued this practice as our baby slept on my bare chest. Remarkably, both baby and I experienced peaceful nights without fuss or tears, with the only interruption being the occasional wet diaper. Even Joe, free from the burden of sleepless nights, could tackle the demands of the next day with renewed energy.

However, on the rare occasions when I wasn't feeling well, and the baby slept beside me, we observed a subtle unease in our little one, signaling the need for close comfort.

Through our experiences raising three children, we've come to realize the significance of fostering a strong bond between mothers and their babies. Skin-to-skin contact proved to be a powerful tool in creating a connection that transcends words.

Motivated by our journey, we at Skin2Skin are passionate about raising awareness and providing support to all mothers and babies. Our products are designed to facilitate communication and strengthen the unique bond between parent and child. Join us in celebrating the beauty of this special connection with Skin2Skin.